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Here's what these ringette players have to say about PURE:

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Jacinda Rolph
(Three Time Team Canada Player)

"I really like how light and non-restrictive the glove is. Its cuff gives me great mobility. My favourite part is how flexible it felt on my fingers. It gives a great feel on the stick."

Suzanne Fuller
(Four time national champion)
(BPE with specialization in coaching and sport performance)

"Its one of those things that you love; right from the start. You put the gloves on, and they have the familiarity of your favorite broken-in pair. This innovative glove design is brilliant! Think about it, you do all that work to anticipate the pass. These gloves boast the advantage of having a lower profile so you can make the play that just might create the turnover your team needs. Why wouldn't you want an advantage in the sport you're so passionate about?"

Jody Nouwen
(National Ringette School)

"They are really awesome! I find them super easy to get used to and they fit my little hands really well. The fact that they stop the ring from going under the stick is a great concept. It was very easy to transition into this glove. No break in time required. It is lightweight and flexible. I would not hesitate to purchase the Pure glove for myself or my kids in the future."

PURE Sports Gear specializes in the development of premium ringette equipment including ringette gloves.