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(Now Patent Protected!)

Stick Doesn't Block Ring

Hate it when the ring sneaks under?

Stick Blocking Ring

Stop it with the PURE Advantage!

Features Image.

Available in 10", 11", 12" and 13" sizes.

Purple Glove Red Glove Black Glove White Glove
Anticipation is a huge part of ringette, and nothing is worse than anticipating a pass, putting your stick down to block it, and having the ring slide right under your stick. Have you ever wondered why this happens? It's because many players use hockey gloves to play ringette. The design of hockey gloves leaves the top third of your stick especially vulnerable to the ring sliding under it. Isn't it about time we had gloves suited to OUR game?
PURE Gloves are made with ringette players' needs in mind. With a carefully constructed profile these gloves will allow a player to get their stick lower to the ice and minimize the number of passes that can slip through. Extra segmentation in both the middle and index fingers give a better feel and ultimate control. The custom cuff offers excellent wrist mobility. Composite pads offer superior protection. And state of the art materials offer a soft and broken-in feel.
So whether you are in the triangle, or channeling on a forecheck, make sure that the ring doesn't slip under your stick. It could make the difference in a game. Let your next pair of gloves have the PURE Advantage!