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About Us

I have been playing ringette for many decades. During this time I have represented Team Canada three times at the world championships and have competed in 17 national championships. The game of ringette has evolved a great deal during this time period!

My experience has shown me that playing ringette with hockey gloves has its limitations. So, I teamed up with a mechanical engineer to make a glove that would suit a ringette player's needs. With a carefully constructed profile these gloves will allow a player to get their stick lower to the ice and minimize the number of passes that can slip through. We call this the PURE advantage!

I have so much love for this game and I thought it was finally time for ringette players to have access to gloves that are suited towards OUR game.

Let your next pair of gloves have the PURE Advantage!

Goal Image. Skating Image.

Why Did We Choose The Name PURE?

What defines you?

Why do you play?

What do you bring to the ice?

PURE Teamwork!

PURE Grit!

PURE Speed!

PURE Skill!

PURE Gold!


PURE Heart!

PURE Love of the Game!

PURE advantage!